Storing backup data offsite is a secure, simple and affordable alternative to a traditional tape backup or removable drive solution. Tape backups and removable drives can offer a possible solution, but it also comes with many draw backs. These options require an upfront investment, maintenance, and internal staff to maintain and operate. All these come at a cost. Tapes and removable drives can be a hassle, especially during a crisis when key data is to be recovered without delay. Keeping backups and data offsite with Texedo is a modern and proven solution to this critical process.

benefits of offsite backup and data storage include:

  • Cost Effective - No capital outlay, fixed monthly fee, no operating costs, and no tape
    or drive storage costs
  • Efficient - Installation is complete within minutes, even for non-technical staff, no
    waiting to find the right tape or drive, no waiting for someone to recover lost data
  • Reliability - Automated daily backup provides comprehensive protection and zero
    hassle. Take as many backups as you need, ensuring protection, less down-
    time and reduced lost productivity. Files can be recovered instantly. Works with
    individual PC’s, Laptops, File Servers and network shares.
  • For more information and detailed pricing Call today to talk to a specialist about how
    Texedo Technologies can help you with your off-site backup and data storage needs.